Sunday, September 22, 2013

Succeed Now: 3 steps toward success

Success is a process; follow it through trial and persistence.

We often think that it is difficult to succeed, and that mythical idea hangs to our senses while we trying to accomplish something great. We all want to be successful, but we dream we could do it faster than a cooking microwave. We forgot that, as children, we learn to ramp, scratch our booty, and often we fall before we could accurately walk. Much like walking, the road to success is a process, so you need to learn how to succeed before you can eventually succeed.  Here are three steps to help you in that process.

Define your goal
Success is the ability to accomplish goals. Without a clear define goal you’re less likely to succeed.  A goal is a desired result a person plans to achieve. It could be anything. Suppose, for example, you want to buy a car. Your goal -buy a car- is known, but it is not defined. To define it, you need to know 1) when you’re going to buy it, 2) How you would get the money to buy it, 3) and what color and brand of car you will buy. Now you have time option and brand, the only thing you need is to put on the work necessary to materialize it. Your goals may be different than buying a car, but if you define them you will definitely accomplish them.

Know your niche
Trying your hands at several things all together can be interested, but it is destructive. You don't want be as indecisive as Jack of all trades, so you should identify your niche and pursue it. Knowing your niche has 3 advantages. First, it helps you spend time and energy into the right direction. Second, it prevents you from wasting time and allows you to play to your strengths. Finally, it helps you manage your time well, which is inherent to success.

Say, for instance, you want to open a business. A car dealership, for example. You will be tempted to sell all type of cars, thinking foolishly that will increase your profit. If you actually do that you will lose tones of money. Why? Selling all brands doesn’t give you power and value.  People who want a Mercedes go to a Mercedes dealership to buy one. Knowing your niche in this case make you more reliable and help you bond a strong relationship with your client. The thing is: if you want to become something pursue it. Don’t hesitate or try several things simultaneously hoping if you fail in one the other will make up for it.

Keep on pushing yourself but work efficiently
Now your niche is defined and your goals are set, you need to work efficiently toward their accomplishment. If you are a sport fan, you probably know how much work athletes have to put up in order to make it to pro-level. They spend years training and pushing themselves to perform as exceptional they are performing. Do they work a lot? Yeah! But they work efficiently. You’ve probably heard: “working hard always pays off”, drop that faulty cliché from your psyche if it’s still hanging there. The truth is: “Working efficiently always pays off.”  

Remember, emulate don't imitate for there is no secret to success. You were born to be successful, so go ahead and do you.
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